Atlanta: OneDigital

Atlanta: OneDigital

Sanaa Hill '23
Major: Marketing

Today was another exciting day of exploring Atlanta and having the privilege to tour the company Onedigital at their Atlanta headquarters. 

A couple of Ramblers and I started our morning with a walk to a coffee shop called Refugee Coffee Co. where their mission is to employ and provide job training and mentorship to resettled refugees who live in the Atlanta area. The shop was beautiful, and we had great conversation over our cups of coffee. On our walk back we were able to do some sight-seeing of the Woodruff Art Museum and still make it back in time for breakfast. 

We had a fun-filled group lunch at chipotle before heading to our site visit of the day at OneDigital. The instant we entered the doors at OneDigital we were welcomed with warm greeting and smiles! They provided a wonderful presentation detailing the story of Onedigital and the core values of community and culture that the company strives for daily. It was inspiring to hear how people-focused everyone was and the desire to always do their best to help others. During our time, we had the chance to split into smaller groups for an activity to take on a role in the C-suite of the company and figure out what that individual’s role would consist of in a day. It was a unique experience to feel as if myself and other ramblers were onboarding for the day and having the chance to see what it would be like in our first few days as new Onedigital employees. We had the privilege to hear from the CEO, Adam Bruckman, and receive incredible advice on how he has made OneDigital a success. Lastly, a panel of employees sat down to speak with us on what they love most about their roles and advice they could give us as we start to transition into the business world as young leaders. 

I had the chance to end the day with my fellow Ramble group and visit Sky View Atlanta. Little did we know the time we picked to go was perfect because we got to see the view just as the sun was setting! Many photos and laughs took place there and shared the rest of our night devouring waffles, eggs, and hash browns at Waffle House!