Boston: Carbonite and Merrill Lynch

Our day started with a visit to Carbonite. Carbonite is an online services firm that focuses on online backup. We were met with various images of Star Wars on the walls and everywhere else. We listened to Paul Mellinger give us a rundown of Carbonite, including company history and growth in recent years.

Carbonite treated us to an activity unlike the other site visits that I found to be very interesting. Kanda Alagappan facilitated a team activity in which we all participated. Depending on our preference or major, we were put on a Marketing or Finance team. We were then given a case study regarding Carbonite’s acquisition of Webroot, an online security development company. As a member of the Finance team, I had to make speedy calculations regarding predicted company revenues, and we had to present our findings to the Carbonite team that was hosting us. I was initially taken aback by the assignment, and I was immediately filled with fear at having to try and complete a task I was not used to doing at all. I worked alongside my team though, and their resolve and calm inspired me to do my best and stay focused. We presented our results to the team, and I appreciated their reception and feedback to our ideas. We concluded with a tour of the office and we got to take in more Star Wars aesthetics. I have never seen Star Wars, but I was able to recognize all the characters and props around the office. Carbonite was an extremely welcoming atmosphere and I enjoyed our visit tremendously.

After that, we headed out to lunch at ZC Boston. The shuttle ride was a quiet one though, as we have been feeling a little drained from all the busy days and nights we go through on the daily. Many of us took advantage and had some rest on the way to the restaurant. We treated ourselves to some Chinese and Japanese food there. I ordered the general Gau chicken with some crab ragoon and beef teriyaki on some sticks. The food was great. I honestly ate the most I had on the whole trip at this place.

After our lunch, we shuttled over to Merrill Lynch and got to visit our Alum Patrick Dapic, and we were able to hear he and his colleagues speak on their experiences at Merrill Lynch. After highlighting their experiences, Alex Ellwanger and Dave gave us a plethora of career advice. They were all very insightful, and they showed us a competitive and exciting lifestyle at Merrill Lynch that was unlike any company atmosphere we had seen prior.

Additionally, the group then went in small groups to either go shopping or visit the Boston Museum of Contemporary Art.


Uriel Reyes Vazquez (BBA '21)