Boston: KPMG and Jobs for the Future

As day 5 comes to an end, it is hard to fathom the invaluable connections I have made within the last week. We started the last day at around 9:30am to see KPMG. As soon as I stepped in the building I could tell that the environment was different from any other site visit we have seen. The panelists seemed to genuinely enjoy their work and hold a passion for their career that goes far beyond the paycheck. KPMG really cares about their employees and following each employee throughout their career path. 

Next we took a midday break to grab a quick lunch at Chipotle.  We then visited Jobs For the Future; it was absolutely amazing to see the inner workings of a non-profit. As someone who works with a startup, it was refreshing to see the process of a company starting from the bottom up. Overall I am so incredibly thankful for receiving this opportunity to learn about business in a different part of the country. This trip has allowed me to sharpen my networking skills and I feel I have learned invaluable life lessons that I will cherish for the next years while pursing my undergraduate degree. 


Natalie Tse (BBA '22)