Boston: Slalom and Protobrand

Day 1 was fantastic. We visited Slalom and Protobrand, took a walk, and ate amazing southern food. Slalom to me is a company I would love to work for in the future, due to their company culture and their unique offerings to their clients with a focus on technology. I discovered more about Slalom_build, which is focused more on the developer side of consulting and creating programs for use by the companies. These two functions, building and management consulting, work together to make a multitude of solutions for their clients and work to build a groundwork that the company can build on further after the consulting project is long over. This visit was especially great to realize all the options available to me as I continue to look into consulting firms and use my IT skills to the best of my abilities to provide help to those who need it.

Protobrand is a market research firm that provides insights into consumer behavior to help clients better understand their consumers. Patricia, a Quinlan alum, hosted us and made sure we felt welcome and understanding all the resources that are available to us as students of the business school. She most definitely gave back to Quinlan and Loyola in the highest manner today and will continue to do so.

Exploration of Boston was a great time to see what the South End of the city was like, as a more residential area. Then we finished the day at Southern Proper; which was honestly some of the best southern food I’ve ever had in my life, even though my family is from the south. It was a picture-perfect finish to Day 1 of the Boston Ramble, and I cannot wait for Day 2 to kick off with a visit to Fidelity!


Reginald Bailey (BBA '19)
Economics, Information Systems