Boston: KPMG and Jobs for the Future

Today was our last day of site visits. We spent the morning visiting KPMG, one of the Big Four auditors. We enjoyed a small breakfast as we listened to one of the accountants describe his experience working for the company. We then got a presentation of KPMG’s mission and some of their opportunities for internship programs.  We heard from a group of panelist who spoke about the different positions they had within the company and how they started working at KPMG. Afterwards, took a brief tour of the office to get a sense of the work environment. There was a strong sense of community and work-life balance within KPMG that really differentiated the company from their competitors.
After our visit to KPMG, we enjoyed lunch at Chipotle in Downtown Crossing. We basically had the strategy to divide and conquer, when it came to trying to find a seat in Chipotle. While we were there, some of us shared our thoughts on the different companies we had visited thus far. Since we were almost done with all our sites visits, we had a good understanding of what we value most in a company.
We then walked to Jobs for the Future (JFF), which was our last site visit of the trip. JFF is a nonprofit  organization focused on the transformation of the workforce and education systems to economic advancement for all. JFF collaborates with national leaders in education, workforce, development, business, technology, government, and philanthropy to enhance their impact nation wide. We had an informative Q+A session with three of their employees, from different positions within the organization. They provided us with a great deal of information, such as the difference in funding for a nonprofit organization vs. a company.
Once we left JFF, we headed back to the hotel to reflect on our experience this week as well as some of goals we accomplished as a group. With the rest of the night to ourselves, we did some last minute site seeing. A few of us went to a a New York Pizza place for dinner – no, NOT Chicago deep dish! Our final stop was the Museum of Science. The museum has a variety of interactive exhibits, which are fun for all ages! We stayed at the museum until closing and headed back to the hotel to spend our last night together as a group.
Arielle McKeever (BBA '22)