Boston: KPMG and Jobs for the Future

As we filled the lobby of the Revere, there were feelings of excitement for the day ahead as well as feelings of sadness knowing that this would be our last day visiting companies. After finishing our briefing about the day ahead and hearing about the company’s facts that we were going to visit, we hurried onto the bus heading towards KPMG. As soon as we arrived, we were graciously greeted by the recruiter, Mary. We learned a lot about the different practices within the company from a partner who instilled the importance of finding a company to work for that aligns with our personal values. Following him, we heard from a panel of recently hired employees who have been working with the company for a little while.

After we toured the facility at KPMG, we ate lunch at the local Chipotle which was tucked into a building that had architecture resembling that of the early times of colonial Boston. Shortly after we finished our steak bowls and chips with guacamole, we walked the red cobblestone path to a non-for-profit called Jobs for the Future.

At this organization, we learned about the functions of the organization and what they hope to achieve. Jobs for the Future works to bridge people in disadvantaged areas with good-paying, stable, and equitable jobs. They have a strong research presence within the organization that looks at the current economic condition and how education plays a role within transforming our culture. This research is used to inform politicians who are responsible for implementing policies that will benefit those who are in disenfranchised pockets of America. The conclusion of this site visit marked the end of our transformative trip.

Speaking for myself, I would have never thought that within one week that I would be able to develop the strength of relationship that I did with such a large cohort. We each learned from one another and continuously challenged each other to grow. I know that the friends I have developed on this trip will be friends that I maintain relationships with, hopefully for the long-term.


Nick Harazim (BBA '20)