Boston: Fidelity and the Alumni Reception

Day 2 of visiting companies in Boston was amazing! Today we had the amazing opportunity to get an insider’s perspective of Fidelity Investments, located in the Financial District of Boston. Alumni Jeff Jarczyk, was so welcoming and really gave us some good information about Fidelity and their mission as a company. We also had the opportunity to listen to a panel of recently graduated students, who are now working at the company. Kevin Patti, Sydney Generoso, and Linnea Patterson provided us with great career advice. We then got a tour of Fidelity, which gave an overview of some past and current projects Fidelity is working on. It was amazing to see how much research Fidelity does, while being conscious that it is environmentally sustainable.
After our visit to Fidelity, we had a short break. Some of us took a nice coffee break near Boston Commons at a local cafe called Capital Coffee House. We had the chance to unwind a bit and talk about our thoughts on visiting Fidelity with one another.
Next, we had the chance to take a tour of the Massachusetts State House. In our tour we received an overview of the history and architecture of the Massachusetts State House. We were able to see the House and Senate Chambers, as well as the “Sacred Cod.” The Sacred Cod is the most treasured piece hanging in the House of Representatives Chamber. It is a memorial of the importance of the Cod-Fishery to the welfare of Massachusetts.
Following our tour was our Alumni Reception in the original Senate Chamber, available to us by our alumni connection with Puja Mehta. Having the opportunity to connect with Loyola alumni was the highlight of my day! It was so interesting to see the diverse careers alumni have gone into post-graduation. Being a double major in business and dance, it was so rewarding meet with alumni who have gotten a similar degree as me and see where they are now. It was really inspiring to meet with all the alumni and I now have amazing connections that will last my career. I could not be more grateful to have had the opportunity to be on this trip. I am very much looking forward to our three days left of site visits.
Arielle McKeever (BBA '22)