Boston: KPMG and Jobs for the Future

It’s bittersweet to think that today was the last day of site visits for the Quinlan Ramble in Boston. On one hand, we were sad that it was our last day of visits but on the other hand, we were so grateful to have had the chance to meet with such great companies.

Our day began with KPMG, one of the “Big Four” firms to provide audit, tax, and advisory services. KPMG’s headquarters is in the Netherlands and can be found in 155 other countries. They currently make a revenue of $28.96 billion which is going to grow more and more as the years go on. We were taken to our meeting room where a delicious breakfast was waiting for us along with music playing in the background. We sat down to hear all about what a normal day is like when working for KPMG from the various employees that came to speak to us. What stood out to me most was how passionate they were on having their new employees learn as much as possible so they can help KPMG succeed. They even have a training facility located in Florida where the trainees are taken to understand the knowledge of working for the firm while also meeting other people that will soon be working alongside them. It was very memorable visit, and I am truly thankful for all of what KPMG did for us today.

Our final site visit was with Jobs For the Future (JFF). This is a non-profit organization aiming to shape ideas into action to prepare for the future of work. They employ a diverse group of individuals that are talented, highly motivated, and driven. What I enjoyed the most about this visit was the amount of passion each person had for their company. You could tell not only from the amount of intelligence they had about JFF, but also from how happy they were to have us there with them. It was a great way to finish up all of the site visits, and it was very hard for us to comprehend that it was all over.

As we made our way back to the hotel, we were told to get changed into something more comfortable and meet by the swimming pool located in our hotel so we could all reflect on our experience with all of the site visits we met with throughout the week. My roommate, Jie Zheng, and I made a detour to the roof to look at the stunning view before meeting up with everyone. As the meeting went on, you could see how upset we all were as we were realizing that the Boston trip was coming to a close. A couple of Ramblers and I decided to go back out to the Museum of Science once the meeting was over because we wanted to take advantage of our final night in Boston. We then all came back together to hang out, making it a great end to our trip in Boston, Massachusetts!


Tom Simmons (BBA '22)