Boston: Carbonite and Merrill Lynch

Today we gathered and prepped to meet two amazing companies. The first company on the agenda was Carbonite. A small sized company with 1,000 employees headquartered in Boston and operations all over the world, Carbonite provides data cloud back-up to consumers as well as business data security for small, mid-market, and large firms. Upon arrival at Carbonite we were welcomed by Brianna who led us to a room where Paul, Kanda, and Lauren were waiting for with excitement and anticipation. I was immediately drawn to the environment and atmosphere of the office. The Star Wars theme of the office, murals, layout of desks, and encouragement of community building provide the company with a unique identity and reassured me that this was the type of culture I would love to work in.

After the office tour, Kanda and Paul lead us in a case study activity. The activity split our group into two groups;  a finance group and a marketing/sales group. They provided us with questions, a case, and supplementary information. This was the highlight of my day. The case exposed us to discussions that Carbonite may have and it was a great learning experience. At the end of the visit I had the privilege of Kanda connecting me with Theresa who is a part time employee transitioning into the legal aspect of business and attending law school. This connection was important to me because that is the situation I am in and she provided me with amazing advice and shared her experience with me.

After our lunch at ZC, we made our way to Merrill Lynch. This was an enlightening experience because Patrick, Alex, and Dave provided us with amazing advice about professionalism, life, and post-graduation guidance. I learned a lot about financial planning and wealth management from all of their experiences. My highlight of the time at Merrill Lynch was when Patrick shared his list of life advice which included learning to manage stress, putting yourself in a position to succeed, and learning to prioritize and manage time. Their experiences allowed me to reflect on what I wanted for my future and what I was doing to put myself in a position to achieve my dreams.

Today was a great day that allowed me to make amazing connections with companies and alumni as well as reflect on my own aspirations and what I am doing to put myself on a position for success.


Alex Escobedo (BBA '19)
Management, Marketing, and Information Systems