Boston: Fidelity and the Alumni Reception

The lobby of the hotel was filled with lively chatter among the other students on the Ramble this morning as there was a palpable excitement in the air to visit Fidelity and the Massachusetts State House. Additionally, not only would we visit the State House for a tour, but we would also have an opportunity to meet alumni living in Boston.

Fidelity is located in the financial district of downtown which is set among other modern looking buildings with a touch of ancient Greek and Roman inspirations. They are a private financial services firm, however as we would learn, the company does so much more than simply investments. We were graciously welcomed by Jeff Jarczyk and a panel of three recent college graduates; Kevin Patti, Sydney Generoso, and Linnea Patterson. Following this was a tour of the office floor which highlighted the investments they have made in artificial intelligence, technology, and venture capital endeavors. I believe I can speak for us all that we were immensely impressed with the variety of projects and products in which Fidelity is involved.

After leaving Fidelity, many of us rendezvoused at a local coffee shop called Capitol Coffee House. The smell of coffee and cappuccinos filled the air as we conversed with each other before walking to the Massachusetts State House. We were lucky enough to participate in a tour of the building which taught us a multitude of historical facts and plenty of fun facts about the house itself. The building itself, aside from the historical significance, was filled with 6 different types of granite stone, a plethora of paintings depicting past governors, and statues of prominent figures throughout history. Following this informational tour, the Ramble to Boston group met with alumni eager to connect with us and to hear about our time in Boston. It was a phenomenal experience to hear from people who had attended Loyola as well and to learn why they also love the university. Engaging with the Alumni was one of my favorite aspects of the day which is hard to definitively conclude in a day that was filled with a fantastic company, such as Fidelity, and innumerable moments of laughter among the Ramble to Boston group. I’m looking forward to what the next day entails!


Nick Harazim (BBA '20)