Boston: Liberty Mutual

The Quinlan Ramble has made many of us start to feel more comfortable and confident in Boston, and we have a good idea of what to expect after our previous site visits. We started off the day by visiting Liberty Mutual. Here we learned about how Liberty Mutual runs its company and everything they do to keep up with the standards of their employees. Not only does Liberty Mutual look to provide nothing less than the best for its customers, but they also take pride in the concerns and care for their employees. Liberty Mutual promoted success at all levels and to provide clients and employees with everything necessary to get to that point.

After learning about everything Liberty Mutual has to offer, we headed over to Davio’s for lunch. Here, everyone on the Quinlan Ramble was able to enjoy a three-course meal all while bonding over our experience in Boston thus far. Next, we were all given some free time before dinner to explore Boston. Many took advantage of this time and explored the various businesses and restaurants Boston has to offer.

The group then went to Pagliuca’s for dinner. Here we attended dinner with Dean Stevens, Mark Rzepczynski of the Board of Trustees, Quinlan Director of Development Andrea Brault, and the Director of Development Mike DeBartolo. Pagliuca’s was a family owned Italian restaurant on the North End of Boston, and they had everything from traditional Italian food to various seafood dishes. Everything that was served was homemade and delicious, and the servers made you feel very welcome and almost a part of their family. I felt right at home there on account of both the staff and our group.

To wrap up the night we went on a cannoli crawl in Boston. We traveled to various suggested cannoli places in Boston, including Mike’s Pastry, Bova’s, and Modern Pastry. All three places were within 5 minutes walking from each other, and each place was very unique in its own way.


Stephanie Peric (BBA '21)