Boston: Liberty Mutual

On Wednesday, March 6th we went to Liberty Mutual. One of my favorite things about this site visit was the structure of the visit. We got a brief overview over the company and a tour of the building. One aspect I really found helpful was the resume section. I thought it was a unique opportunity to sit down with a recruiter from a massive company and hear his input. Throughout creating my resume, I have had many different people review it and there is always different feedback that each person gives me. Therefore, sitting down one on one was very helpful. He gave us useful tips to make your resume stand out, because he has reviewed thousands of resumes. The resume workshop stood out to me at Liberty Mutual.

I had heard of Liberty Mutual before, but I was unaware of how many other departments there are within the company. This is one aspect I have learned over the week; a company might be known in its main industry, but there are many other departments that make up the company which I had never really thought of before. Liberty Mutual will be a company I apply to work at when I graduate. They have a great company culture. They have many values that align with my own. They have two weeks in March when departments are encouraged to go out and help the community. They also partly match any donation that an employee makes to a non-profit organization. They seem to care about their employees and want them to succeed. As an employee you can also transfer to different departments which I think is important, that way you can understand other sections of the company. I learned this when we got to sit down and talk to the employees that had recently been hired. Sitting down with a new hire was also a highlight of this site visit. It is nice to know that others have gone through similar challenges you are currently facing. I always think it’s interesting to hear other people’s story and how they found the company as well as their transition into their role.

Over the first part of the week, the trip has been amazing. I know all the students on the trip and we have created a unique bond with them. It was great getting to network and meet all the Alumni so far, and getting to explore Boston. The company sites have given me a snapshot of how many opportunities there are out there. I will always reflect on this trip and how it has helped shape my look into the business world. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend this trip and I cannot wait for the rest of the week!


Delaney Lippe (BBA '20)