Seattle: Final Reflection

The Quinlan Ramble was an eye-opening experience for me not just as a Quinlan student, but as a student of Loyola as a whole. I was able to make 16 new friends in the matter of hours and that connection will last beyond the Ramble and our undergraduate careers. I am incredibly thankful to all of the companies that took time out of their days to host, talk, and connect with us. And I thank Allison, Ami, and Fernando for leading us throughout the week. I could have gone to any city and just enjoyed some personal time but the choice and the opportunity to engage with professionals and students is something every business student should seek out and I am glad to have gone on this Ramble.

My professional aspirations are high and I know that a lot of work must be done. The Quinlan Ramble gives you the insights as to where that energy should be spent as one sets the groundwork. The most important insight I gained was: ask for any and everything. Ask for help from your peers, ask for time with your leadership, ask for feedback. All of your questions will be answered as long as you seek them out. The only way one can progress in their profession is by reflecting not just on the industry or the company, but on yourself and how all three of these parts intertwine.

Another insight I gained was thinking long term. Even though I am a junior, I should still be thinking what will I be doing in 5 years, and setting goals. Some of the companies we visited gave me a chance to see what some professionals accomplish and gain in the middle or latter stages of working in the business world.

Seattle is a wonderful city and I gained a chance to really become immersed in the culture of the city. The architecture, the food, and the views were all a change of pace from Chicago and I had never explored the possibility of working on the other side of the country, but now I have realized that the network of Loyola does not end in Chicago, and opportunities can arise anywhere. The values of Loyola are held by many individuals and companies and you never know where you can end up 5-10 years down the road. I am very excited for what happens next, both as I bring back this energy gained from Seattle to Loyola and after I graduate when I spread my energy to the professional world.


Reginald Bailey (BBA '19)
Economics, Information Systems