Loyola University Chicago

Ricci Scholars

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Loyola University Chicago undergraduates completing their first year of study at Loyola with a GPA of 3.6 or above are eligible to apply. Currently, the program is open only to Loyola University Chicago students. Applicants are expected to meet the following criteria: acceptable GPA, good disciplinary record, favorable recommendations from a faculty mentor and their academic advisor.

Applicants must also submit a research proposal. Ricci scholars are expected to participate in three one-hour seminars: A "West" seminar at the John Felice Rome Center, an "East" seminar at the Loyola Vietnam Center, and a follow-up seminar at Loyola during the fall semester of senior year. Students will earn three credit hours for their participation in each one-hour seminar.

The Director of the Ricci Scholars Program is Prof. Anthony Cardoza, Ph.D., of Loyola's Department of History.  Interested students should schedule a session with Prof. Cardoza to outline their intended research proposal and to receive guidance and direction from him in bringing the proposal to fruition.