Loyola University Chicago

Ricci Scholars

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Loyola University Chicago undergraduates who are in the first semester of their sophomore year of study at Loyola with solid academic achievement are eligible to apply. The Ricci Scholars program is open only to Loyola University Chicago students. Applicants are expected to meet the following criteria: acceptable GPA, good disciplinary record, favorable recommendations from a faculty mentor and their academic advisor.

Applicants must submit a research proposal outlining their chosen topic. Ricci Scholars will enroll in a 3 credit "West" (UNIV 301) seminar at the John Felice Rome Center, a 3 credit "East" (UNIV 302) seminar at the Loyola Vietnam Center, and a follow-up 1 credit seminar (UNIV 340) at Loyola in Chicago during the fall semester of senior year.

The Director of the Ricci Scholars Program is Prof. Mine Cinar, Ph.D., of Loyola's Department of Economics and Center for International Business. Interested students should schedule a session with Prof. Cinar to outline their intended research proposal and to receive guidance and direction in bringing their proposal to fruition.