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Ricci Scholars

Scholarship Awardees

Five students have been named as Ricci candidates for the 2022-2023 academic year. These students will spend their fall semester in Rome, Italy at the John Felice Rome Center, and will spend their spring semester doing research from the Vietnamese perspective. The new Ricci Scholars are: Benjamin Fanelli, Delaney Hayes, Ashley Parks, Campbell Rosener, and Megan Smith.

2022-2023 Ricci Candidates

Benjamin Fanelli, from Orland Park, Illinois, is majoring in history. His project is to explore how nations enforce their international maritime borders. He will focus on the issues of immigration for Italy and the South China Sea (East Sea) conflict for Vietnam.

Delaney Hayes, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a member of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program and is pursuing a degree in economics with a minor in peace, justice, and conflict studies. She will be studying the impact that COVID-19 had on wealth distribution in Italy and Vietnam. Specifically, she will be analyzing how the governments' actions and policies, both monetary and fiscal, affected the distribution of wealth among households.

Ashley Parks, from Sycamore, Illinois, is a member of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program double majoring in global studies and advocacy and social change with a minor in peace, justice, and conflict studies. Her research centers around narrative frameworks in local feminist news organizations of Rome and Ho Chi Minh City. She would like to discover common themes within gender-based narratives and pinpoint specific messages conveyed in the chosen rhetoric.

Campbell Rosener, from Scottsdale, Arizona, is a member of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program and is double majoring in Latin and Greek. She is exploring how individual writing practices and experiences interact with mechanisms of power. In Italy she will be focusing on the development of the Latin script using epigraphic resources and in Vietnam, its adaptation for use for the Vietnamese language using resources developed by Jesuit missionaries. In doing so, she hopes to add to understandings of the postcolonial world.

Megan Smith, from Flagstaff, Arizona, majors in engineering sciences with a specialization in environmental engineering and minors in environmental science and photography. Her project seeks to determine the impact green infrastructure can have on flood and stormwater management in Rome and Vietnam. Specifically, she hopes to determine the most efficient and sustainable combination of green and grey infrastructure for each of Loyola’s international campuses and explore how current and newly suggested infrastructure will withstand changes in rainfall due to climate change.

Dinner with UEH students in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. March 5th, 2023