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Congrats to the 2024 Alumni Serving Full-Time This Year!

‌We wish the best for the many 2024 Loyola alumni serving full-time this year! Here is a snap-shot of a few of our fabulous Ramblers headed into service!



What is Post-Graduate Volunteer Service?

All of us are called to serve our community throughout our lives. For some of us, committing to a full year or two of service after college is a great way to practice that commitment. Ever heard of Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC)? AmeriCorps? Those -- and many more -- are all post-graduate volunteer programs.

Post-graduate volunteer programs offer people the opportunity to commit an extended period of time to serving communities in need. From a few months to 2 years, you can volunteer your talents to full time! These programs help you give to your community, but they also help you build skills, explore a possible career, gain experience, and deepen your faith.

As we move forward into a difficult economic and social period around the globe, consider full-time service as both a way to build community and a way to build yourself. You can make a real impact on both through meaningful, purposeful, extended service.

Considering Full-time Volunteer Service?

Come talk with a CSA staff member to learn about your options! Everyone in the office has served at least one term of full-time service after finishing undergraduate studies! Email serve@luc.edu for an appointment!

Other Ways to Serve After You Graduate

Heading off to a full-time job or grad school after you graduate?  You can still serve! If you will still be in the Chicagoland area, check out CSA Instagram for opportunities.