Loyola University Chicago

Community Service & Action

Division of Student Development


Fall Fair

Each fall, the CSA hosts a fair with representatives from various post-graduate service programs. Stay tuned for details this fall!

Post-Graduate Volunteer Recognition

Graduating seniors who have committed to full-time service after graduation will be recognized for their committment! Class of 2020! We've heard from many of you with plans to serve this fall, But, we also know others of you are still considering the option. Let us know how we can help and so that we can recognize you!

One-On-One Conversations

Contact the CSA at serve@luc.edu to meet one-on-one to learn about resources that can help your search for post-graduate service.  We'll discuss your motivations, questions, and concerns about serving full-time after you graduate.  And we'll discuss resources to help you discern if full-time service is for you!