Loyola University Chicago

Community Service & Action

Division of Mission Integration


Post-Graduate Service 101

Tuesday, February 6
Damen 232

So what is post-graduate service? How can it be a meaningful choice for me after I graduate? How can I volunteer if I have student loans? Come learn more about the big world of post-graduate service at this 101 Information Session! We'll review the basics, types of programs, growth opportunities, common hurdles to navigate, resources to explore, and more!

Can't make it? Email serve@LUC.edu to set up a one-on-one conversation with us!


Program Campus Visits

Stay tuned for upcoming visits from service programs throughout the year!


One-On-One Conversations

Contact the CSA at serve@luc.edu to meet one-on-one to learn about resources that can help your search for post-graduate service.  We'll discuss your motivations, questions, and concerns about serving full-time after you graduate. And we'll discuss resources to help you discern if full-time service is for you!


Graduation Recognition

Seniors! If you are graduating this year and plan to enter full-time service after Loyola, let us know! We want to celebrate this meaningful commitment! More details will be listed here in spring.


Contact serve@luc.edu with questions!