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Ayesha Abouelazm


  • 312-915-6859
  • School of Communication 204
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  • Education

    MFA in Cinema Directing

    B.A. in Fim

    Ayesha Abouelazm is a filmmaker, instructor, and poet. She has written and directed many short films. This includes One (2015), Love Is A Gray Area (2016), Utterance (2016), The Girl in the Blue Bra (2016) and Not On My Shoulders (2017). She tends to gravitate towards films that deal with controversial issues and that shed light on subjects that are not talked about. Ayesha is a 2017 graduate student at Columbia College Chicago, one of the largest film schools in the entire country. The Girl in the Blue Bra is one of her more personal works and has been shown in over 20 film festivals so far, where it won “Joint Best North American Short” at the Asia South East Film Festival and best long-short film at the Kinodrome Film Festival. This film is based on the 2011 Egyptian revolution and she is underway on a feature of the same name.

    Specialty Area

    Video Production, Film History

    Program Areas

    Production and History

    Courses Taught

    Introduction to Video Production

    Chicago Film History

    World Cinema 1

    World Cinema 2


    The History of Television

    Research Interests

    Arab representations in media, Women representations in media, Orientalism in film

    Professional & Community Affiliations

    United Film and Video Association (UFVA)

    AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC)