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Meghan Dougherty, PhD

Associate Professor Digital Communication

  • 312.915.8834
  • School of Communication 223D
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  • Education

    PhD Communication 2007, University of Washington 
    Archiving the Web: Collection, documentation, display and shifting knowledge production paradigms

    Meghan Dougherty is a media scholar whose research focuses on three areas: communication technologies and media cultures, critical studies of media infrastructures, and media archaeology. She joined the faculty in 2010, and teaches courses in media theory, digital culture, interactive storytelling, and environmental impacts of digital information infrastructure.

    Dr. Dougherty’s current research aims to materialize Internet infrastructure in wild, protected, and public lands to understand more about the real world costs of our digital lives. 

    Specialty Area

    Communication technologies and media cultures, critical studies of media infrastructures, media archaeology, research methodology

    Courses Taught

    Communication and New Media, Media Theory and Criticism, Remix Culture, Digital Media and the Environment, Naturalistic Research Methods

    Research Interests

    Critical studies of media infrastructure, communication technologies and media cultures, media archaeology, sustainable media infrastructures, digital media and the environment, critical software studies, media and materiality.


    Tiidenberg K., Markham, A., Pereira, G., Rehder, M., Dremljuga, R., Sommer, J., Dougherty, M. (2017) “I’m An Addict” and Other Sensemaking Devices: A Discourse Analysis of Self-Reflections on Lived Experience of Social Media. Conference Proceedings #SMSociety17, July 28-30, 2017, Toronto, ON. DOI: 10.1145/3097286.3097307

    Dougherty, M. & Meyer, E.T. (2015). Community, Tools, and Practices in Web Archiving: The state of the art in relation to humanities and social science research needs. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.

    Dougherty, M. (accepted 2015). "Invisible Dynamics of Everyday Life in New Media Ecological Systems." Journal Systema.