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Lee Hood, PhD

Associate Professor

  • 312.915.8538
  • Lewis Towers 910A
  • Education

    PhD in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder

    MA in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder

    BA in Journalism from the University of Missouri

    Lee Hood joined the School of Communication faculty as an Associate Professor in Broadcast Journalism in Fall 2009. Hood has won two Emmys for her work as a television news producer and a faculty teaching award at the University of Colorado at Boulder

    She has contributed to and edited a book, written a number of book chapters and published a number of articles. During her news career she has worked at half a dozen television stations, including three of four of Denver’s network affiliates. She also has reported for a newspaper and for radio.

    In Fall 2010 Dr. Hood presented her research in media studies and cultural geography focusing on how changes in regulation have changed the oversight and production of local news as part of the SOC Faculty Speaker Series: Notes from the Field.

    Courses Taught

    Broadcast News, TV Reporting, Ethics and Communication, and Newscasting and Producing.


    Journal Articles

    Hood, Lee (2011).  “News Outsourcing: The Producers’ Perspective.” Journal of Radio and Audio Media 18:2, pp. 295-308.

    Hood, Lee (2010). “Radio Recentered: Local News Returns Home.” Journal of Radio and Audio Media 17:2, pp. 151-166.

    Hood, Lee (2007). “Radio Reverb: The Impact of ‘Local’ News Reimported to Its Own Community.” Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media 51:1, pp. 1-19.


    Hoover, Stewart M., Lynn Schofield Clark, and Diane F. Alters, with Joseph G. Champ and Lee Hood (2004). Media, Home, and Family. New York: Routledge. Nominated for Best Book Award, International Communication Association, 2005. 


    Hood, Lee. “Fitting in with the Media: The Price-Benoits and the Franzes.”

    In Media, Home, and Family (pp. 131-144). 

    Hood, Lee, Lynn Schofield Clark, Joseph G. Champ, and Diane F. Alters. “The Case Studies: An Introduction.” In Media, Home, and Family (pp. 69-77).