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Minjin (MJ) Rheu, PhD

Assistant professor of computational advertising and strategic communication

  • 312-915-6548
  • School of Communication 216

  • Professor Minjin (MJ) Rheu studies and teaches the psychology of how people are influenced by media content, specifically their understanding of self, attitudes, and behavioral decisions. Her recent work focuses on applying psychological principles to the design of computer agents and artificial intelligence so that people can wisely use and build trust in these new technologies. She is also very interested in how these new technologies are changing how brands communicate with their customers and create a positive social impact. Before pursuing her Ph.D., she worked at an advertising agency in Korea (a local branch of J. Walter Thompson), working with wonderful, fun-loving clients such as Nike. She also loves learning and sharing different cultures with people with diverse backgrounds, as she believe the meaning of our life is in meeting good people and expand our horizons.