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Internship Enrollment Process:

  • Attend an Internship Orientation via Zoom—details and links are emailed to SoC students in advance of all sessions.  You must attend one session in order to receive the Internship Packet
  • Begin your Internship search using LUC and SoC resources such as www.soccareers.com, Handshake, and any external sites of your choosing
  • Secure an Internship
  • Complete the Internship Packet, provided to you at the Internship Orientation
  • Submit the Internship Packet for Approval to the appropriate internship instructor
  • Once approved, the SoC Dean’s Office enrolls you in the class--you cannot enroll yourself via LOCUS
Additional questions about the approval process can be directed to your respective internship coordinator:


Sen. Barack Obama visited the editorial board of the Chicago Sun-Times during the semester Loyola journalism students Anna Tyrkala and Patrycja Malinowska served as interns at the newspaper. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CHICAGO SUN TIMES

Why pursue an internship?

Internships help students integrate their career objectives and educational preparation in the challenging and expanding fields of communication, journalism, advertising/public relations, and film and digital media which demand practical experience and diversified skills reaching beyond the classroom. Interns learn about organization practices while acquiring technical and process skills under the supervision of experienced communication professionals.

Requirements for For-Credit Internships

For-credit internships are a requirement for Multimedia Journalism, Advertising/Public Relations, and Film and Digital Media Studies majors and are optional for Communication Studies and Advocacy and Social Change students. Before students accept any internship to be taken for course credit, they must attend one of the internship orientation sessions offered by the SOC. At the orientation session students will receive an internship packet containing registration information, several required forms, course requirements and assignments. An internship done for credit can only be done on campus one time. If a student were to pursue a second internship for credit, it must be done off campus. 

Before students may enroll in and receive credit for the internship course (All majors), they must:

  • Be of junior or senior standing;
  • Have completed at least 18 hours of communication courses, including two in the area of the internship;
  • Be in good academic standing;
  • Attend an internship orientation session during a semester preceding the internship (students taking a second internship for credit do not need to attend another orientation, though they will be required to turn in the same application material);
  • Complete application material by appropriate deadlines; and
  • Find a suitable internship.

It is important that the student discuss the internship with the appropriate internship coordinator before accepting any position. The coordinators, by major, are:

How to Find an Internship

The School of Communication enjoys positive relationships throughout the communications industry. Our contacts, connections and alumni work in such organizations as media outlets, agencies, government and non-profits. Through these relationships, we seek to connect our students to valuable work and internship opportunities. The following link will take you to our career website:

SOC Careers Website

If you are interested in finding an internship, you will want to check back often for the most recent updates.

The website contains internships—advertising, public relations, journalism and film—of which the School of Communication is aware. Some of the organizations are places other Loyola students have interned before. Some may be employers who have reached out to the School of Communication asking us to share their postings. Here are several important things to note:

  • The postings are live, current and as accurate as possible as of the date posted. It is possible they may have been filled by the time you apply. That’s one good reason to act swiftly if you see an internship opportunity of interest to you.
  • Many employers offer internships on a continual basis. If you have missed the deadline for one semester, inquire about the next.
  • You want to do your own due diligence. While these internship positions are posted on the School of Communication Careers website, they are in no way endorsed or pre-approved. Investigate for yourself. Do the research needed to find out if this is a good internship where you’ll be valued and have the opportunity to learn. It is your responsibility to find the right place for you.
  • There are many databases and sources that can be used to search out internship opportunities. Here are some other places to look: Where are the internships?
  • For more information about internship opportunities at Loyola University Chicago, contact Career Services.