Loyola University Chicago

School of Communication

Rambler Productions


Rambler Productions is a faculty supervised and student operated audio/visual production service in professional quality for Loyola and Chicago communities. This service is provided by the School of Communication in Loyola University Chicago. Our mission is to provide students with professional service experience in field and studio productions. Additionally, we want to provide audio/visual production solutions and services for Loyola University Chicago in particular and Chicago community in general.

Our services

  • Online streaming and Hybrid online/offline streaming productions
  • On location video/audio production
  • Studio productions
  • Video podcast productions
  • Event photography
  • More services can be inquired 

Contact socrp@luc.edu for more information on Rambler Productions or to make a request for production services. We will work with you for the best quality services provided to you, and you will be quoted accordingly. 

General process of the service

An estimated completion will be given as to the details of the agreed request being approved. There are cases when unavoidable situations come up. If the completion time has to be altered, a re-calculated time will be given to the requestor and a new completion date will be issued.

Once a request is approved and an agreement is confirmed, a Rambler Productions member or a team will be assigned to the project. School of Communication staff will supervise aspects of the equipment, facilities, operation and execution of the project. Once the project is completed, the billing process will close the project. There are several options for Loyola and the Clients to fund the project. The options are located on the bottom of the Rambler Production Request Form.

If you want to join RP 

If you are a current registered Loyola student with audio and video production knowledge and training, and interested in joining the Rambler Productions team and have more professional experience in audio/visual production and post production, please download, complete, and submit this application to socrp@luc.edu.