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Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Course ID: COMP 170
School:Arts and Sciences, College of
Program: Computer Science
Credit Hours: 3

Course Description

This introductory course to the computer science major covers basic concepts of object-oriented (OO) programming languages. It will address the following questions: What is an algorithm? How does one write, debug, run (execute), and test an effective computer program? How does one convert an algorithm into a computer program? How does one judge a program? What does "object-oriented" mean? Topics include: variables, data types, input/output, loops and repetition, Boolean expressions and logic, arrays, subprograms, classes/objects, OO principles. This course is programming intensive. Lab sessions and assigned work will be take place both during synchronous online class periods and on your own time. For more information see: http://people.cs.luc.edu/whonig/Comp170 .

Course Offering

Session Day Time Instructor Location
Full Mon, Tue, Wed 10:25 AM -11:15 PM Irakliotis ONLINE

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