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Summer Sessions


The following schools and colleges offer summer classes for Loyola and visiting students: 

Other information

Graduate courses

For information about graduate courses, contact the Graduate School, individual schools, or departments. For information about summer courses and admission policies for programs in the Schools of Education, Law, Nursing, and Social Work, contact these schools directly. Also, check out our post-baccalaureate Paralegal Studies Institute and courses in Pastoral Studies.


All current Loyola students should register for and obtain information about Summer Sessions classes through LOCUS. Students should also refer to LOCUS for the most up-to-date course availability and enrollment information.

Summer Sessions 2019 Dates

Early Summer Session
(4-wk 1)
May 20- June 14 (four weeks)
(Only for specialized courses)
Summer Session A
(6-wk 1)
May 20 - June 28 (six weeks)
Summer Session B
(6-wk 2)
July 1- August 9 (six weeks)
Summer Session C
(8-wk 1)
June 3 - July 28 (eight weeks)

All class listings are intended as a resource to help enrolling students plan their summer courses agenda. Please use LOCUS for detailed course information.