Summer Sessions Registration for Visiting Students

Make the most of your summer and get ahead with Loyola's transferable course credits

As a visiting student, your first step is to apply for admission. Once you're in, follow these steps for registration and to settle in as a Loyola student for the summer.

Apply no later than the Thursday before a session starts. Registration starts Friday, February 16, 2024. Visiting students must apply as a non-degree student before they can register.  Please visit our online application system to start the process. 

APPLY as a non-degree student


Please complete the summer non-degree application to start the process.

If you have applied to, or have attended Loyola in the past, please log into the online application as a returning user and use your email address to reset your password before you start the application process for Summer 2024.

If this is your first time applying to Loyola, click "new user." Once in the application, please select the application Visiting/Non-degree Application. Complete and submit the application, indicating the entry term as summer.

Application deadlines

  • Session A: Thursday, May 16, by noon.
  • Session B: Thursday, June 27, by noon.
  • Session C: Thursday, May 30, by noon.

Please note that summer visiting students do not need to submit official transcripts to be admitted to Loyola for Summer Sessions. This portion of the application is waived for visiting students only. This does not apply to non-degree fall students or transfer students.

The Summer Sessions office requests proof of specific pre-requisites. In some cases, it is necessary to submit an unofficial transcript from students interested in taking advanced chemistry, communication, biology, math, and business courses. Please email SummerTranscripts@luc.edu with your transcript and the name of the course you want to enroll in.

The application requirements for visiting graduate students are different for each school or department. For more information, visit the Graduate and Professional Enrollment Management application (please choose the non-degree option).

REGISTER prior to session deadlines


Once you've been admitted as a non-degree seeking student, follow the following steps for registration:

1. Login to LOCUS: Use your Loyola ID and password to register. If you do not have an ID or password, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 773.508.4ITS or 773.508.4487 for assistance.

2. To Register

  • Under the student self-service heading, select "Enroll in a Class"
  • Select Summer 2024 as the enrollment term or TERM 1244
  • Select "Add a Class"
  • You may enter course numbers directly into the enrollment page
  • Press the "Submit" button to attempt enrollment in your selections. If you receive a "Success" or "Success/Message" response, you are enrolled. An "Error" message indicates a problem with your request.
  • You must click the "Submit" button in order to enroll. If you do not, you will not be enrolled in your selections.

3. LOCUS Help provides detailed instructions and guidelines to using LOCUS shop, drop, and swap courses.

4. If your registration is blocked by a hold, you will receive a block message when you try to add or drop a course. You may use the "Holds" function in your LOCUS Personal Portfolio to determine if you have a hold and whom to contact to have the hold removed.

5. If you have any questions about using LOCUS, please call the ITS Service Desk at 773.508.4ITS or 773.508.4487 or e-mail:locus@luc.edu

It is a serious violation of university policy for a student to attend any class without first registering for it. Instructors may not make exceptions to this policy.

BROWSE our courses


Loyola University Chicago has an extensive selection of online and in-person classes.  Our experienced faclulty teach both online and in small classroom settings during the summer. Easily transferrable credits help you make the most of your summer while working toward your academic goals.

REVIEW important dates and resources

Student Life

Even if it's just for the summer, you're one of us. You're bound to have questions. Find answers about credit transfers, class withdrawls, and book purchases on our FAQs page.

It's critically important to note key dates and policies that affect registration, grades, and billing:

View each Summer Session page for key dates and tuition details

You'll have access to and be expected to utilize Loyola communication channels throughout your courses.

  • Email is our official method of communication and you are strongly urged to check Loyola email daily. Access your email account by clicking on “E-Mail” under the “i” button in the top navigation bar. Use your UVID and password.
  • Loyola’s online connection to University services is a web- based, self-service system that enables you to access information and resources. LOCUS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Course enrollment, withdrawal, and tuition payment are just a few of the many services available on LOCUS.
  • LUC Sakai is an educational platform designed to support collaboration and communication between students and professors. Through Sakai, you have access to course resources, syllabi, assignments, and grades. To access your account, click on “Sakai” under the “i” button in the top navigation. Use your UVID and password.
  • If you ever need help navigating our virtual learning environment, our Information Technology Services team operates 24/7, available online, via email, or at 773-508-4ITS.

Student expectations and community standards are outlined in the Loyola Student Handbook.

Access our Wellness Center and other Student Development resources while you're a registered student with us.

Additional Information

1. Loyola generates electronic bills (e-Bills) every month for student accounts that have balances. Students are notified by an email to their Loyola email account when a new e-Bill is generated. Loyola does not mail paper bills. For more information, please visit the Office of the Bursar.

2. Please update your address, telephone, and other information, if necessary. Students are responsible for ensuring that Loyola has accurate student addresses on file. This can be done through LOCUS.

3. To avoid incurring fees, students must complete their withdrawals using LOCUS. Please review the withdrawal schedule to note important dates.