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Data Structures I

Course ID: COMP 271
School:Arts and Sciences, College of
Program: Computer Science
Credit Hours: 3

Course Description

This course studies basic data structures including array lists, linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, and hash tables. Efficiency of data structure operations, study of recursion, applications of data structures, and simple analysis of algorithms are covered. Outcomes: Students learn linear data structures and the performance of their operations, and they learn to solve simple computational problems by designing suitable algorithms and efficient data structures.

Computer Science (COMP): Loyola University Chicago (luc.edu)


Prerequisite: COMP 141 and COMP 170 and (co-requisite or pre-requisite of COMP 163 (preferred) or MATH 201); For Bioinformatics majors, pre-requisite of COMP 141 and COMP 170; For SCPS students, pre-requisite of COMP 170.

Course Offering

Session Day Time Instructor Location
Full Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs 10:25 AM - 12:05 PM Honig LSC

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