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Introduction to Religious Studies

Course ID: THEO 107
School:Arts and Sciences, College of
Program: Theology
Credit Hours: 3

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This course is an introduction to the discipline of religious studies including select theories, methods, and categories. As we work through historical and contemporary case studies of religion, two questions will guide our discussions ¿ what are we assuming is ¿religion¿ or ¿religious¿ and, then, how exactly do we study it? In particular, we will look at how forces such as modernity, secularism, globalism, gender, race, ethnicity, politics, economics, and post-modernity shape any view of religion and how religion, in turn, shapes these categories as part of a dynamic relationship. Staying true to religious studies interdisciplinary nature, this class will draw from materials from such fields as anthropology, biology, sociology, psychology, law, philosophy and literature in attempt to not only see the far-ranging influence of religion but also acknowledge its complexity. In the spirit of general humanities curriculum, we endeavor to cultivate our capacities for multiple perspective taking, empathy, critical evaluation, curiosity, and wonder. Students will be able to analyze and interpret various ways in which religious traditions intersect with contemporary issues.

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