Loyola University Chicago

Vietnam Center

Environmental Challenges Facing our World: Vietnam and the Environment


This specialization provides you with a deep understanding of environmental science, politics, and policy - from a comparative and global perspective - through a combination of both coursework and hands-on experience.  You will combine a series of specialized courses with a core element of this experience – an internship in the environmental community of Vietnam or a research project serving as a member of a Vietnam-based research team. Through these engaged learning experiences, you will be able to gain a deeper knowledge of the environment’s influence on the local population, the human impact on the environment, in the dynamic setting of Ho Chi Minh City.

All students in this specialization will register for either

ENVS 395 Environmental Internship


ENVS 391 Independent Environmental Research

plus two additional environmental courses drawn from: 

ENVS 224 Climate and Climate Change

ENVS 281v Humans and the Environment in Contemporary Vietnam

ENVS 325 Sustainable Agriculture

PLSC 354 Global Environmental Politics

You will also be able to take one or two additional courses from the full course list as well as UNIV 103:  Orientation to Living Abroad, which is required of all students.