Loyola University Chicago

Vietnam Center

Experiential Learning


Environmental Research 

Vietnam offers a unique setting to examine how different environmental issues can affect a community. The Environmental Challenges Facing our World: Vietnam and the Environment specialization provides you with the opportunity to participate in research with local professionals during the Fall semester. Your research experience will allow you to gain a deeper knowledge of the environment’s influences on the local population and to assist in solving real problems in the public interest. 


Equally as important as what you will take away from your time in Vietnam is what you will give back in return. As part of the Global Business and Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia specialization, internships are offered during the Spring semester. Your internship will provide you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally as well as to make contributions to your internship site’s vision, objectives, and your colleagues.

Service Learning Placements 

Social justice and service learning are at the heart of the Vietnam Center’s mission, and participation in such an experience can enrich your time in Vietnam during both the fall and spring semesters. These opportunities will allow you to engage with local residents in a meaningful way and have a positive impact on Ho Chi Minh City.