Loyola University Chicago

Department of Anthropology

BA in Sociology and Anthropology

This combined BA degree is designed for those students who are interested in both sociology and anthropology. It focuses on those areas of the two disciplines where there is convergence in theory and methods. Through the SANT major, students are introduced to major substantive areas in both disciplines. The major allows enough choice in electives that students may focus on a broader perspective in social science than is available in either the single sociology major or the single anthropology major.  Students interested in pursuing the joint Sociology-Anthropology major should consult one of the departmental Chairpersons or Undergraduate Program Directors.

Degree Requirements (beginning Fall 2023)  

One natural science intro course:

  • ANTH 101. Human Origins
  • ANTH 103. Biological Background for Human Social Behavior
  • ANTH 104. The Human Ecological Footprint
  • ANTH 105. Human Biocultural Diversity
  • ANTH 106. Sex, Science, and Anthropological Inquiry
  • ANTH 245. Gender in Deep Time

Two social science intro courses:

  • ANTH 100. Globalization and Local Cultures OR ANTH 102. Culture, Society, and Diversity
  • SOCL 101. Sociology in a Global Age

One ANTH course focusing on an ethnographic area:

  • ANTH 207—Economies, Culture, and Development
  • ANTH 208—Language & Identity
  • ANTH 211—Peoples of Latin America
  • ANTH 212—Peoples of Native North America
  • ANTH 213—Culture in Africa
  • ANTH 214—African-American Anthropology
  • ANTH 215—Contemporary Japanese Culture
  • ANTH 216—Cultures of Migration
  • ANTH 217—Mexican Culture and Heritage
  • ANTH 220—Contemporary Cultures of the Middle East
  • ANTH 222—Culture in Contemporary Europe
  • ANTH 224—Social Movements, Culture, and Activism

One theory course:

  • SOCL 205. Sociological Thought OR
  • ANTH 304. Anthropological Theory

 Two methods courses:

  • SOCL 206. Principles of Social Research (must take) AND

       One from:

  • ANTH 356. Bioanthropology Lab Work, OR
  • ANTH 365. Archaeology Lab Methods, OR
  • SOCL 301. Statistics for Social Research

 Two ANTH electives:

  • One of the following:
    • ANTH 241—Principles of Archaeology
    • ANTH 242—Mesoamerican Archaeology and Survivance
    • ANTH 243—North American Archaeology
    • ANTH 280—Evolution of Human Disease
    • ANTH 324—Human Evolution
    • ANTH 325—Primatology – Behavior and Ecology
    • ANTH 326—Human Osteology Lec/Lab
    • ANTH 327—Dental Anthropology
    • ANTH 359—Paleopathology
    • ANTH 360—Issues in Archaeology
    • ANTH 362—Issues in Biological Anthropology
  • Any additional 200-300-level ANTH course

Two SOCL electives:

  • SOCL 121, 122, 123, 125, 145, 171, or a 200-300-level SOCL course
  • Any 200-300-level SOCL course

One theory/methods seminar:

  • ANTH 317. Ethnographic Methods (EL, WI) OR
  • SOCL 365. Social Theory and Social Research (EL, WI)

SANT Major, Tracking Sheet, Fall 2023

There are no restrictions on course double-dipping for major and minor programs in Anthropology.  However, students may only earn a degree in Anthropology BA, Anthropology BS, or Sociology-Anthropology BA.