Loyola University Chicago

Department of Anthropology

Fall 2024 Courses

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Course Title Days Time Instructor
ANTH 100-001 Globalization and Local Culture MWF 8:15-9:05am Butler
ANTH 100-002 Globalization and Local Culture MWF 9:20-10:10am Butler
ANTH 100-003 Globalization and Local Culture MWF 1:40-2:30pm Nichols
ANTH 100-004 Globalization and Local Culture TTH 8:30-9:45am Strand
ANTH 100-005 Globalization and Local Culture TTH 10:00-11:15am Strand
ANTH 100-006 Globalization and Local Culture MWF 1:00-2:15pm Strand
ANTH 101-001 Human Origins MWF 8:15-9:05am TBA
ANTH 101-002 Human Origins MWF 12:35-1:25pm TBA
ANTH 101-003 Human Origins TTH 10:00-11:15am Tomczak
ANTH 102-003 Culture, Society, and Diversity TTH 2:30-3:45pm TBA
ANTH-105-001 Human Biocultural Diversity TTH 11:30-12:45pm Krueger
ANTH 107-001 Ancient Worlds TTH 8:30-9:45am TBA
ANTH 107-002 Ancient Worlds TTH 11:30-12:45pm TBA
ANTH 207 Economies, Culture, and Development MWF 12:35-1:25pm Butler
ANTH 213 Culture in Africa MWF 1:40-2:30pm Butler
ANTH 216-001 Cultures of Migration MWF 9:20-10:10am Gomberg-Munoz
ANTH 241 Principles of Archaeology MWF 10:25-11:15am Hallett
ANTH 304 Anthropological Theory MWF 11:30-12:20pm Gomberg-Munoz
ANTH 321 Human Rights in Latin America TTH 1:00-2:15pm Penglase
ANTH 326 Human Osteology MWF 9:20-10:10am (lec), 10:25-11:15am (lab) Grauer
ANTH 327 Dental Anthropology TTH 10:00-11:15am Krueger
ANTH 330 Language in Popular Culture TTH 11:30-12:45pm Strand
ANTH 340 Classical Archaeology: Greek Temple MWF 1:40-2:30pm Gawlinski
ANTH 348 Museum & Material Culture Research MWF 2:45-3:35pm Nichols
ANTH 359 Paleopathology W 2:45-5:15pm Grauer
ANTH 365 Archaeology Lab Methods MWF 11:30-12:45pm Hallett