Loyola University Chicago

Department of Anthropology

Dr. Kathleen M. Adams


Professor Emerita

Kathleen Adams (Ph.D., University of Washington) is a socio-cultural anthropologist with field research experience in Indonesia (especially Sulawesi and Alor) and San Juan Capistrano, CA. Dr. Adams's areas of research expertise include the anthropology of tourism, heritage and the politics of identity, ethnographic arts, and museum studies. She enjoys teaching classes on these topics, as well as seminars on globalization, contemporary Southeast Asia, and the anthropology of art. Dr. Adams has received Loyola University's Sujack Award for Teaching Excellence and in 2012 she was named one of the nation's "300 Best Professors" by The Princeton Review.



Books, Edited Volumes, and Edited Journal Issues:

2023 The Intersections of Tourism, Migration, and Exile. (Co-edited with Natalia Bloch). Routledge. 

2022 Seni Sebagai Politik: Memahat Ulang Identitas dan Kuasa lewat Pariwisata di Tana Toraja.  Indonesian translation of Art as Politics: Re-crafting, Tourism and Power in Tana Toraja, Indonesia. (Anwar Rachman, translator). Makassar, Indonesia: Penerbit Ininnawa (Ininnawa Press). 

2020 Immaterieel erfgoed als toeristische bestemming / Intangible Heritage as a Tourist Destination, Theme issue of Volkskunde (guest coedited with P. Catteeuw, et al.). Vol 121(4). 

2019  Decolonialization and Restitution. Guest co-edited special theme issue of Volkskunde. 120 (3). Co-edited with Jos van Beurden & Paul Catteeuw).

2019  The Ethnography of Tourism: Edward Bruner and Beyond. (Co-edited with Naomi Leite and Quetzil Castañeda.) Lanham: Lexington Books.

2019  Indonesia: History, Heritage, Culture. Association for Asian Studies Press.

2011  Everyday Life in Southeast Asia. (Co-edited with Kathleen Gillogly). Indiana University Press. 

2006  Art as Politics: Re-crafting Identities, Tourism, and Power in Tana Toraja, Indonesia. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.

2000  Home and Hegemony: Domestic Service and Identity Politics in South and Southeast Asia. Ann Arbor: Univ. of Michigan Press. (Co-edited with S. Dickey).

2000   A Changing Indonesia. Special theme issue of Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science. Vol. 28, No. 2. (Co-edited with Maribeth Erb).




Selected Recent Journal Articles and Book Chapters

2024  “Like a Bridge over Troubled Water? Fieldwork, Publicly-Engaged Scholarship, and Trafficked Indonesian Mortuary Materials.” Pragmatic Imagination and the New Museum Anthropology (Hodge & Kreps, eds.). Routledge. 

2023 “Problematizing Siloed Mobilities: Tourism, Migration, and Exile.” (with N. Bloch). In Intersections of Tourism, Migration, and Exile. Routledge. Pp. 1-30.  

2023 “Identity - Tourism.” In Encyclopedia of Tourism (2nd Edition) (Jafari & Xiao, eds.). Switzerland: Springer International Reference.

2021 “Tourism as Industry and Field of Study: Using Research and Education to Address Overtourism.” (with P. Sanchez). In Overtourism and Education: Strategies for Sustainable Futures (Séraphin & Yallop, eds.). Routledge. Adams and Sanchez 2021 pdf

2021 “Identity, Heritage, and Memorialization: The Toraja Tongkonan of Indonesia.” In Writing Material Culture History, 2nd Ed., (Riello & Gerritsen, eds.). Bloomsbury. 

2021 “(Post-) Pandemic Tourism Resiliency: Southeast Asian Lives and Livelihoods in Limbo.” Co-authored with J. Choe, M. Mostafanezhad, and T. Phi.  Tourism Geographies, 23(4): 915-936. 

2020 “What Western Tourism Concepts Obscure: Intersections of Migration and Tourism in Indonesia.” Tourism Geographies, 1-26. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/14616688.2020.1765010

2020 “The Politics of Indigeneity and Heritage: Indonesian Mortuary Materials and Museums.” Museum Worlds. 8(1): 68-87. 

2020 “Intangible Heritage as a Tourist Destination: Contributing to Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage through Sustainable Tourism” (with van der Zeijden et al.). Volkskunde 121(4): 519-548.

2019 “Returns Unraveled: Reflections on Appropriate Destinies for Museum Objects with Questionable Pasts,” (co-authored by J. van Beurden, K. Adams, & P. Catteeuw). Volkskunde 120 (3): 305-339 (In Dutch & English). pdf

2019  "’Being a Tourist in (my own) Home’: Negotiating Identities and Belonging in Indonesian Heritage Tourism." In Leite, Casteneda & Adams (eds.), The Ethnography of Tourism: Edward Bruner and Beyond. Lexington Books/Rowman and Littlefield. pdf 

2019  "‘Breeding Grounds’: On the Emergence of Identity and Borderzones as Key Concepts." In The Ethnography of Tourism: Edward Bruner and Beyond (see above). pdf

2019  "The Ethnography of Tourism: Encounter, Experience, Emergent Culture." Coauthored with Leite and Castañeda. In The Ethnography of Tourism: Edward Bruner and Beyond (see above). pdf

2018  "Local Strategies for Economic Survival in Touristically Volatile Times: An Indonesian Case Study of Microvendors, Gendered Cultural Practices, and Resilience." Tourism Culture & Communication 18(4): 287-301. pdf

2018  “A Room with a View: Local Knowledge and Tourism Entrepreneurship in an Unlikely Indonesian Locale.” Co-authored with Dirk Sandarupa. Asian Journal of Tourism Research. 3(1): 1-26. pdf

2018  "Leisure in the 'Land of the Walking Dead': Western Mortuary Tourism, the Internet, and Zombie Pop Culture in Toraja, Indonesia." For Leisure and Death, ed. by A. Kaul and J. Skinner. Boulder: Univ. of Colorado Press. pdf

2018  Revisiting "Wonderful Indonesia": Tourism, Economy, and Society. The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Indonesia, ed. by Robert Hefner. Abingdon on Thames: Routledge. pdf

2017  (with N. Borelli) Analysing Chicago's Mexican Pilsen Neighborhood through the Lens of Competitiveness and Social Cohesion. In Moving Cities: Contested Views on Urban Life, ed. by Ligia Fierro et al. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

2016   Tourism and Ethnicity in Insular Southeast Asia: Eating, Praying, Loving and Beyond. Asian Journal of Tourism Research 1(1): 1-28.

2015   Back to the Future? Emergent Visions for Object-Based Teaching in and Beyond the Classroom. Museum Anthropology. Vol 38(2): 88-95. (Guest editor of this special theme issue on object-based teaching.) pdf

2015   Families, Funerals and Facebook: Reimag(in)ing and Curating Toraja Kin in Translocal Times. TRaNS: Trans-Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia. Vol 3: 239-266. pdf

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2011   Introduction. In Adams and Gillogly (eds), Everyday Life in Southeast Asia. Indiana Univ. Press.

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ANTH 100: Globalization and Local Cultures

ANTH 102: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 218 (IWS/ASIA): Contemporary Cultures of Southeast Asia

ANTH 318: Material & Immaterial Worlds: Anthropology of Art & Expressive Culture

ANTH 319: Anthropology of Tourism

ANTH 304: History of Anthropological Thought

ANTH 315: Identities: Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism

ANTH 361 (IWS/ASIA): Art, Ritual and Religion in Island Southeast Asia

HONORS 209B: Encountering Southeast Asia

New Courses in Preparation:

ANTH 210: Visual Representation of Culture (Ethnographic Film)

ANTH 361 (Special topics): Anthropology of Food

Dr. Adams participating in the 2012 funeral of Indo Toding Sarungallo in the Toraja highlands of Sulawesi, Indonesia

With other Toraja guests at a funeral (1984)

With elders on Alor following an all night recitation of local history (1996)