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Joe McGrane

Coordinator, Student Life

Joe McGrane
  • 312.915.8924
  • Maguire 204
  • Education

    Boston College (BA)


    Bloomington, Minnesota

    What clubs and/ or organizations are you involved in?

    Arrupe Retreat Programs, To Arrupe and Beyond (TAB) Event Programming, WTC Labre Ministry, LUC Campus Ministry, Office of Student Services Team.

    What attracted you to Arrupe College?

    I encountered Arrupe during my own undergraduate experience in Jesuit education. I was drawn in by Arrupe’s intentional expression of the long-standing Jesuit tradition of accessible local education. I was curious on how to play a role in making that expression come to life every day here in Chicago.

    How did you get involved in higher education?

    I have always loved the classroom and the pursuit of knowledge, character, and community through school. As a Higher Education professional and campus minister, I am gifted with the opportunity to channel that passion into supporting students as they navigate their own pursuit amidst the joys and tribulations of college life.

    What is your favorite aspect about working at Arrupe... and the biggest challenge?

    In short, the mentorship. As a college student I found meaning and support through the mentors that were willing to think about the most pressing questions we face as young adults and scholars. I love the opportunity to do the same with Arrupe students. In this process I learn lessons from students about friendship, faith, and the human condition. I see this also as the biggest challenge as these questions are not often answered in our short time together—this is just the beginning!