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Arrupe College: Fostering Leadership and Service


Serving People with a Mission (SPM) is not just the story of three young leaders from Chicago coming together to pay forward the goodness they've received; it's also a testament to Arrupe College's transformative role in uniting individuals for lasting positive change. With Arrupe's support, SPM has flourished into what it is today—a beacon of hope and opportunity. We owe this to the remarkable institution and the dedicated individuals who have shaped it, creating an environment where dreams thrive amidst a backdrop of love and support.

Valeria Plascencia (AA '20, BA '22), Jacque Stefanic (AA ‘19, BBA '21), and Carlos Martinez (AA ’19, BA ’21) The George Washington University (MA), all alumni of Arrupe College and Loyola University Chicago, are the visionaries behind this nonprofit venture. Their aim? To establish the Hand-n-Hand Leadership Program, offering vital leadership development to youth across Chicago. Just this past May, SPM proudly celebrated the graduation of its fifth cohort—a group of 14 exceptional students from Rauner College Prep in West Town, all minorities.

Last fall, SPM had the privilege of returning to its roots at Arrupe, thanks to the unwavering support of Deans Tate, Keys, and Nietzke. Through the Leadership 101 Program, a tailored leadership curriculum, students were empowered to lead with courage. Witnessing their growth and the impact of their philanthropic endeavors, from community donations to faculty appreciation events, fills us with immense pride.

We're thrilled to witness these emerging leaders embark on their journey to shape the future of our beloved city. To Arrupe College, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for believing in each of us who walk through its doors. Moving forward, SPM remains committed to serving those in need through donations and nurturing the next generation of Chicago's leaders through our leadership development initiatives.