Karen Martinez '22

Major: Business Administration
High School: Thomas Kelly, 2020
Involvements: Business Society

Hello! My name is Karen Martinez. I'm here to tell you about my Arrupe College experience.

How I chose my major:
My decision about this was made throughout the years as I have seen how the economy is moving quickly and new technology is being brought out to us. I feel the need to be prepared for continued job growth throughout the years. My objective is to help clients with investment advice and help them grow financially. I believe that financial companies thrive to grow stronger in the coming decades and thrive for stability and preparation.

My plans after graduation:
I plan to continue at Loyola studying Finance with a minor in Accounting.

Professor a new student should absolutely take a class with:
For an Environmental class, I highly suggest taking a class with Professor Kelly. She is great and very understanding towards students that work part-time. Through communication with her, she understands a student's situation. Professor Kelly is also very helpful whenever an assignment is unclear to me. She is always positive while giving her lectures and when helping others.

Class I never expected to love:
I never expected to love my Ethics class. Although it is not a major requirement for Finance, I still learned a lot that I will take with me in the future. I learned how ethics underlies in our lives on a daily basis, as it helps us make decisions that create positive impacts and steer us away from unjust outcomes. I learned the psychology of knowing how to work/speak with different people.

Best thing I've done since coming to Arrupe:
Connecting with others through Arrupe's career fairs, as well as building strong relationships with my professors and advisors. They have guided me through both years at Arrupe to help me prepare for Loyola.

My favorite spot on campus:
The Cudahy Library. I find myself very productive while doing homework in a beautiful environment.

Some surprisingly cool things about Arrupe:
As a small college, professors are consistent with checking in on their students and providing them with resources as soon as possible. Arrupe has made me feel at home since all the resources I ever needed were always there for me to use without hesitation.