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Academic Assessment Report

Student Name:
Important: Please fill out a form for each of your classes. If you have 5 classes you will need to fill and submit 5 forms. This assessment is meant to help you identify what your strengths and weaknesses are.
Class (ex. UCWR 110):
Rating Report Scale:
0=Rarely did this;
1=I did this 25% of the time;
2=I did this 50% of the time;
3=I did this 75% of the time;
4=I did this 100% of the time
Academic AssessmentRatingComments
What percentage of HW due to date have you turned in?
What percentage of the HW was turned in on time?
About how much of your daily allotted study time is spent preparing for this class?
About how much of your set aside study time for this class is spent reading and reviewing?
On a weekly basis what % of your set aside time is spent on group activities or researching for this class?
Score total out of 20/
Academic BehaviorRatingComments
How often did you attend class?
How often are you on time for class?
How often do you answer/ask questions in class?
How often do you sit nearer to the front of the class?
How often do you show up late or leave early?
Score total out of 20/
List Grading Rubric ValuesPTs/%Average to date
Group Work
What do you believe your current grade is in the class?
Comments, Goals and/or plans for improvement