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Human Resources

New Employee Forms/Packet

For all new employees, including student workers

*To print the complete new employee packet please .

  1. Personal Fact Sheet
    Used for Human Resources statistics on Affirmative Action, insurance and verification of emergency contact.
  2. Federal W-4 Form
    The lower portion of this tax form must be completed, signed and dated by the employee. The top portion is a work sheet that may assist the employee with his or her decision on the number of deductions to claim. It can be changed at any time that the employee wishes. It determines the federal withholdings for the employee. Unless you are a tax accountant you may not tell the employee how to complete this form. You may, however, tell the employee that the higher the number of exemptions the employee claims the lower the dollar withholding, and vice versa. Single employees not being claimed by their parents generally put 0 or 1 or 2 as their total exemptions.
  3. Illinois W-4 Form
    Similar to the federal form, this identifies the withholdings for State of Illinois. If the employee files state income tax in a state other than Illinois the person can complete a Statement of Non-Residence in Illinois form. No deduction will be made for State of Illinois. The person will need to pay his/her state income tax either quarterly or at tax time.
  4. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Form
    US Dept of Justice form required for every employee. Specific collaborative identification must be presented to a Loyola representative and then photocopied to be submitted along with the completed form. The list of acceptable identification is either on the back of the form or may be found on the intranet along with the form. The Loyola department representative must complete, sign and date Section 2 of the form for it to be valid.
  5. Direct Deposit Form
    Required of all Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers, the new employee must complete, sign and date the form and indicate whether the account is a savings or checking account [see boxes in the first paragraph]. The Transit/ ABA No. is located to the left at the bottom a the employee's personal check. The employee's account number follows this number. Please staple a personal check (with VOID clearly written across the face of the check) to this form for verification purposes.
  6. Loyola University Chicago Confidentiality Agreement
    This standardized form is used across all departments for Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers to insure confidentiality across all.

Things to Watch For:

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