Documenting your academic internship is an important step in earning your Engaged Learning credit. The process involves two steps: filling out a paper agreement that you share with your on-site supervisor and your professor, and completing an electronic form in LOCUS.

Experiential Learning Agreement and Student Manual 

The Academic Internship Student Resource Guide 2024-2025 has been designed to keep ALL participants in community-based experiential learning (including service-learning or academic internship classes) "in the loop" for communications and risk management purposes.  The Learning Agreement 2024-2025 form has four pages, each of which has instructions printed at the top:

  • PAGE 1 contains information about YOU and your class.  Fill this out and give it to whoever will be supervising you in your volunteer work or internship.
  • PAGE 2 (back of page 1) contains general information for volunteer or internship supervisors.
  • PAGE 3 contains info about where you'll be serving/working as an intern.  Fill this out with your supervisor, get him/her to sign it, copy this information into LOCUS, and then give this page back to your professor.
  • PAGE 4 (back of page 3) contains general information for course instructors in experiential learning courses.

An important component of the learning agreement are your learning goals. Click here for some resources on how to write your learning goals! To learn more about the responsibilities of student interns, faculty, and community partners, here is the Partnership Statement.

Documenting your Academic Internship in LOCUS

Loyola University Chicago now requires all students completing an Engaged Learning class to document their site or project information and learning objectives in LOCUS. This information is used for institutional research and documentation; however, most important to you, it is used for risk management/insurance purposes and to substantiate your fieldwork experience. Follow the instructions at this webpage to enter your information: LOCUS Student Engaged Learning Tutorial

Important Note: If your organization is not found, click the 'Cancel' button at the bottom of the page. You will then be returned back to your agreement and can proceed to fill out the rest of your Engaged Learning site information. After completing your agreement and pressing 'OK,' you will be prompted to fill out information for your organization. Your Engaged Learning agreement will be saved and your organization will be manually entered in LOCUS within a couple weeks.