Your internship experience should be organized around your learning and development. You can utilize the following resources as a supplement to the guidance your course instructor and internship supervisor provide through your internship experience:

Step 1: Download and review the Learning Objectives Guide on crafting tangible yet challenging internship learning goals and objectives.

Step 2: Use the above Learning Objective Guide to draft three to five learning goals, considering a variety of domains and dimensions.

Step 3: Share your learning objectives with your course instructor and internship supervisor through a learning agreement, found in this resource guide: Academic Internship Student Resource Guide 2024-2025

Step 4: Complete your Engaged Learning LOCUS entry, including your learning objectives: LOCUS Student Engaged Learning Tutorial. Linked here is a PowerPoint of the instructions on Entering Engaged Learning into LOCUS

Be sure to revisit your learning objectives throughout your internship experience to gauge your progress and growth.