How to Create a Cover Page with Canva

  • Create a FREE account on www.canva.com

  • Select the "card" option under "start a new design."  

    • While you can select any of the layout options, the card option will fit best on the Taskstream page without the need to resize the image.
  • Select a layout and create your cover page!  

    • Be aware that some of Canva's images, cost $1.00/each.  So if you'd like to keep it free, be sure to upload your own pictures under the "uploads" button in the left toolbar.  Consider using Loyola's Flickr Page!
  • Click "Download" on the top bar.

  • Select "As an Image".

  • Select "Open with" and select a photo editing program.

  • After your photo editing program opens, export/save the file as a .JPG or .GIF.   (NOTE:  Taskstream does not support .PNG files.)

  • You are now ready to upload the image to Taskstream!   Log in to Taskstream and select your web folio or DRF. 

  • Create a "Text & Image" section on the home page.

  • Select the "Add an Image" link at the top of your screen, which looks like this:

  • Browse to find the image stored on your computer, choose your image placement and scale preferences, and then click "Save and Return."

  • Your image should now display on your homepage!