Oftentimes, when you try to upload an image to your ePortfolio or to any program, the image is the wrong size. Pixlr is an easy to use editor you can use to edit your pictures and make them the right size!

How to Use Pixlr to Resize an Image

  • Select “Open image from your computer.”
  • Select the image you would like to edit.
  • Select "Image"--> "Image Size".

  • As long as the “Constrain proportions” box is checked, you only have to adjust the width of your image.

  • An Image Width that typically works on an ePortfolio is 700 pixels.

  • The height will automatically adjust itself to the new width.
  • Click "OK."
  • If this is the only edit you would like to make on your image, simply click save your image by clicking "File..."-->"Save As...".
  • Save the file as a JPEG on your computer.

  • Then you can upload the image to your ePortfolio!