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Meet Marina Garcia: Recipient of the 2015 Community Action Scholarship Award

Marina Garcia was born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois. At the age of 15, Marina discovered her passion for sustainable agriculture. At Green Youth Farm in North Chicago, Marina began developing her skillset for organic farming. Marina worked on this farm throughout high school and then studied communications at College of Lake County, where she also took horticulture classes and earned her associate’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture. After completing her associate’s degree, Marina transferred to Loyola University Chicago in 2015 and is earning her bachelor’s in Sustainable Agriculture: Food Systems at the Institute for Environmental Sustainability

In addition to her coursework, Marina has a professional background in urban agriculture. As the Director of the Garden Club at Wilmette Elementary School, Marina taught her students the importance of gardening and organic produce. Marina also worked as an Assistant Instructor for a Lake County science camp, Science First, where she led a series of programs during the camp’s “green week.” In 2013, Marina returned to Green Youth Farm to serve as an intern for two seasons. Marina taught local parents how to create container gardens and complete farm tasks. In addition to being a full time student at Loyola, Marina serves as the Director of the Junior Green Youth Farm. Upon completing her degree at Loyola, Marina aspires to continue her career in sustainable agriculture and plans to start her own youth program with middle school students.

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