Graduate Students' Professional Development

Graduate Students

Scholars associated with the center (CTSDH) and the History Graduate Student Association (HGSA) have been working on their professional development. On Thursday, March 15th graduate students from the DH and History programs gathered to develop Taskstream portfolios and socialize over pizza. Check out some of their new Taskstream sites as well as a recent update from Digital Humanities student, Taylor Brown, who developed a Pathbrite profile to showcase her amazing digital graphics work for Loyola University Chicago Libraries, the CTSDH, and other community organizations. 

Taylor Brown Pathbrite Profile -

Cate LiaBraaten Taskstream Profile -

Alexandra Gradwohl Taskstream Profile -

Lucas Coyne Taskstream Profile -

Kristin Jacobsen Taskstream Profile -

Rebecca Parker Taskstream Profile -


Attention History Graduate Students: Download the handout developed by History Dept. Media Coordinator, Kristin Jacobsen, to create/update your Taskstream profile!