Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

History Graduate Student Association (HGSA)


Fall 2023 HGSA Outing

If you're one to think that a History Master's or Doctoral Program is all about heavy books and thick essay papers, think again! Our History graduate students take part in many extracurricular on and off-campus activities. Ranging from conferences, Preservation Field Excursions, History Fair judging, museum tours, or even ice-skating shows, the history graduate students participate in activities that build camaraderie and support for one another. The main avenue for involvement in graduate student life is the History Graduate Student Association (HGSA).

Loyola University Chicago's HGSA has been serving the interests of full-time and part-time history graduate students for over a decade. The purpose of the HGSA is to represent the interests of the history graduate students to Loyola faculty, staff, and administration. Additionally the HGSA cultivates academic excellence and community among the graduate students.

HGSA fulfills its mission by organizing workshops, lectures, and social events and by funding student activities. 

In addition, HGSA has three standing committees and one ad hoc committee:


To contact the HGSA, email hgsa@luc.edu