Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts


Yes, acceptance to the dance major is by audition only. Please keep in mind that it is required you are admitted to Loyola University Chicago.

We are still building up our endowment for scholarships, but offer a few scholarships to current dance students. You can learn more about them on our Financial Aid & Scholarships page. 

Yes, most of our dancers choose to double major. Please keep in mind that it requires dedicated planning and coordination with academic advising as well as advising within the dance program.

No, we offer many non-major courses including advanced courses. We also offer a very popular dance minor

A complete list of the required dance major courses can be found here.

To see prerequisites and course desciptions, please see course catalog

There are abundant performance opportunities throughout the year, both on campus and in our extended classroom of Chicago.  You can find more information and tickets to upcoming performances here.

We encourage you to participate in our very popular dance minor

Yes, it is. We have had a number of students who were not initially accepted into the dance major focus very intently on their ballet technique during freshman year, re-audition in the spring term, and join the dance major their sophomore year.

We offer a dance minor, which is a popular options for students who cannot pursue a major. Additionally, Loyola has a number of extracurricular student dance organizations.

There is no audition necessary to declare a dance minor. Once at Loyola, you must declare a dance minor within LOCUS. For help or questions, contact Dance Minor Advisor Mari Jo Irbe.