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Welcome incoming Dance students! We have compiled a number of resources which you may find helpful as you navigate the process of visiting, auditioning, and settling in to your new home at Loyola. Feel free to browse the items below.


The Dance Major requires a two part application process: an application for admission to the University and an application to audition for the major. Typically, in-person auditions take place in the beginning of February, with an opportunity to submit video auditions in the Fall. For more information about Dance Major Auditions, click here.

Auditions are not required for Dance Minors or for students wanting to take Level I dance classes. Please attend the Dance Orientation and Placement Session to ensure that you are placed in the correct level.

Summer 2023 Registration

For Non-Majors

Here is a LIST of DANC courses offered at Loyola with descriptions and prerequisite skills. You may enroll yourself over the summer in a DANC course, however, you should plan to come to the placement session before school starts to ensure you are correctly placed in our program.

For BA Dance Students

We work with Advising to ensure that you are enrolled in your Dance major courses. These require departmental permission. You should enroll in:

  • DANC 341 - Ballet IV: This course is mandatory and meets five days a week.
    MWF 2:45PM - 4:15PM
    T/TH 4:15pm - 5:45PM
  • DANC 312 - Pointe I - may be changed to Pointe II if better placement; faculty will determine during the first week of class. 
    MW 4:30PM - 5:45PM 
  • DANC 224 - Majors Modern II
    T/TH 11:30AM - 12:45PM
  • THTR 321C Costume Practicum OR THTR 321E Electrics Practicum - This is recommended, however if the course is full, taking it another semester is not a problem.
  • DANC 323 - Rehearsal and Performance: This course is attached to our mainstage dance concert.

If you have any questions about summer enrollment, please contact Director of Dance, Sandra Kaufmann at skaufm3@luc.edu

Fall 2023 Orientation and Academic Advising

All incoming Dance students level II or above should plan to attend the Dance Orientation and Academic Advising Session. This will be held on Friday, August 25th at 10am.

Location: MUND 409

Students will have the opportunity to meet the faculty, learn about the Dance program at Loyola, receive advising on technique course level placement and learn about extracurricular dance clubs and performance opportunities.

We will also hold orientations for incoming Dance majors and provide information and advising about the Dance minor.

Orientation Schedule


10:00am: Welcome Orientation/Course Advising

11:00am: Dance Minor and Dance Club Welcome and Advising


11:00 am: Orientation for all incoming BA Dance Students



  • Click here to browse past Dance projects and productions.

  • Click here to browse our upcoming Dance performances.

Student Opportunities

  • In addition to performance opportunities, there are a variety of student organizations devoted to dance. For more information about student dance organizations, click here.

  • One such organization is the Loyola Dance Honor Society, a student-run organization of dance majors that intersects dance and social justice by engaging the greater Chicago community. 

  • The dedication, discipline, and passion needed to complete a degree in dance can open the doors to a myriad of opportunities, whether in the dance community or beyond. This page outlines a few career possibilities for dancers.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) 

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion strives to be the preeminent Ignatian model of social justice education and multicultural student success. Through facilitating intentional reflection of the intersections of identities and critical social analysis of systems of privilege and oppression, CDI seeks to enhance the experience of all members of the Loyola community by cultivating culturally competent agents of social change.

‌The Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s co-curricular programs and initiatives intend to complement the academic rigor provided by Loyola University Chicago. Students engaged in CDI programs and initiatives will develop a skill-set aimed at fostering social justice awareness, cultural competency, and ally development.

Programs and Initiatives

LGBTQIA Initiatives

Mentorship Programs

Undocumented Student Programs (USP)

Social Justice Education & Practice

Scholar Transition and Enrichment Program (STEP)

Ramblers Analyzing Ideas

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  • Make sure to visit the Dance Program if you would like to learn more about our program and facilities. Note that this is a private tour, separate from the general campus tour.

  • Remember to register for Freshmen Orientation this summer! Loyola University Chicago Orientation (LUCO) for first-year students is a summer-long online experience comprised of a variety of opportunities to introduce you to academic and student life at Loyola.