Loyola University Chicago


Engineering 101

Course overview: ENGR 101

Introduction to Engineering Design (ENGR 101) is the first engineering course in the curriculum.  Our 48 students will be divided into three sections of sixteen students each.  One professor will primarily teach each section, and Dr. Baura will teach a few topics across the sections. For this course, the faculty-to-student ratio will be 4 to 1.  Major topics in this course include engineering estimation, three dimensional computer-aided design, 2k factorial design, teamwork, engineering ethics, requirement specifications, and design iteration.  The course culminates in an open-ended design project that each group of four students must solve. Each project will come from a Loyola department or institute.

This course is intentionally designed to include collaborative and team-based learning, experiential projects, and open-ended design.  Engineering Education research studies have demonstrated that First Year Engineering Design shapes student confidence and increases student retention.