Loyola University Chicago

English Language Learning Program

Loyola’s ESL program


As a Student at Loyola

Students applying to our program are NOT required to take the TOEFL. Students will take our placement test at the beginning of the semester and will then be placed into the appropriate classes.

Our program offers courses for three main proficiency levels--Intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced--for students who are interested in preparing for university or improving their English skills. 


Loyola Univesiy Chicago reviews applications in a timely manner, but we cannot guarantee a specific timeline during which your application will be reviewed. Please note that applications for the next semester or session will be prioritized over applications for later semesters of study. 

Our program is designed to provide high-quality personalized instruction, therefore we prefer to maintain small size classes where students may receive a great deal of individual attention as they are learning. We are highly focused on helping our students succeed and achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals as they continue to acquire and perfect their English language skills. 

We offer the following classes:
  • Grammar & Composition
  • Reading & Vocabulary
  • Listening and Speaking
  • English Pronunciation (optional)
  • TOEFL Exam Preparation (optional)
  • Graduate Preparation (for Graduate Students ONLY)
  • Business English (optional)
For course descriptions, please click here.

All ELLP courses are non-degree-credit courses that will remain on one's transcript.  As a result, ELLP courses can be offered at a discounted rate.

Conditionally admitted students have formally been admitted to the University, though one must first complete all required ELLP coursework before beginning one's degree-credit courses.  Please contact Undergraduate Admission or Graduate Enrollment for more information. 

Students with an F-1 visa are required by the US government to study full-time. Students who are US citizens or possess US permnent residency may study full or part-time.

Yes. New ELLP Program students are required to take our free English Language Assessment (ELA) prior to registration. Your results on this test will help us determine which level is best for you. 

Current Loyola students may register for ELLP classes without taking the placement test. If you are a current Loyola students and you have questions about registration, please contact ellp@luc.edu.

The ELA is designed to assess your current level of English language skill in the following areas: Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Writing. There is no need to study for this test and there are no preparation materials. 

Placement decisions by ELLP Program staff and faculty are final, unless a student feels that a lower level class is more appropriate or they file a formal appeal according to the Placement Appeals Process described in the Student Handbook.

Students only take the Placement Test ONE time.

For test location information, please contact ellp@luc.edu

Yes. Students will be tested in the following areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  This test will not impact your course grades; rather, it will communicate to ELLP and the University that you have successfully completed all of our program requirements and that you are prepared for undergraduate or graduate study.


The answer depends on your level at the time of applying as well as your effort towards your studies. Some students study in our program for one semester, and others study for a slightly longer period of time.

Yes, ELLP does have an attendance policy for its ESL classes. Students must maintain a minimum of 85% overall attendance. Students who fall below this level of attendance in any class will fail the class and could be dismissed from the program. Dismissal is particularly serious for students who hold an F-1 visa, as it will negatively impact your ability to study as an international student at Loyola and in the United States.

A Certificate of Completion will be offered to all students who successfully pass all of their courses at the end of their time with the ELLP.