Loyola University Chicago

English Language Learning Program

Loyola’s ESL program


Tuition & Fees 2018–2019

ESL Course Tuition per hour $352
Full-time students who are doing just an A or B session will be charged $3,168 in tuition per term.
Full-time students are enrolled in a minimum of 18 hours, totaling $6,336 for tuition.
Additional university fees are added depending upon the number of hours in which a student is enrolled. (See below)
Student Activity Fee*
Technology Fee*
CTA Pass 
16W Fall/Spring Semester
8W Fall/Spring Session
12W Summer Semester
6W Summer Session


Mandatory Fees
Student Health Insurance
Annual (Fall): August 1, 2018–July 31, 2019
Spring:January 1, 2019–July 31, 2019
Summer: May 1, 2019–July 31, 2019
For eligibility and information, visit Student Health Insurance
Students will be charged this fee unless they provide proof of insurance and waive out of Loyola's plan.

*Note: Students are responsible for paying all tuition and fees listed above for each semester or session in which they are enrolled as full-time students. The Bursar’s Office maintains the official rates of tuition and fees for the University. In the case of any inadvertent discrepancies in rates, the Bursar’s Office rates will prevail. For more information on current rates of tuition and fees, please visit the Bursar Office.